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Novocaine :iconblaze-za-hejjihoggu:Blaze-za-hejjihoggu 10 8
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What if: :iconblaze-za-hejjihoggu:Blaze-za-hejjihoggu 5 2
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Yandere :iconblaze-za-hejjihoggu:Blaze-za-hejjihoggu 6 1
Senpai by Blaze-za-hejjihoggu Senpai :iconblaze-za-hejjihoggu:Blaze-za-hejjihoggu 8 0 Chiaki Nanami by Blaze-za-hejjihoggu Chiaki Nanami :iconblaze-za-hejjihoggu:Blaze-za-hejjihoggu 15 1


Tomoko by Naschi Tomoko :iconnaschi:Naschi 3,055 118
Dangan Ronpa OC Info Chart -Base-
Basic--....The basics 
First Name:
Last Name: 
Blood Type:
Waist (in): 
Chest (in): 
Skin Color:
Hair Color: 
Hair Style: 
Eye Color: 
Super Duper High School Level/Ultimate: 
Physical Description--Attire and Misc. (clothing, jewelry, tattoos, etc)

On Head: 
On Neck: 
On Torso:
On Right Arm:
On Left Arm:  
On Waist: 
On Right Leg: 
On Left Leg:
On Right Foot: 
On Left Foot: 
Family--....Family: Both blood and spiritual. Dead? Alive? Who Knows? Orphaned? Tell it.
Personality and Actions--how they show/what they do themselves when...
Seeing Murder: 
Seeing Crush: 
When Tired: 
When Stressed: 
When Nervous: 
When Afraid:&
:iconmayhemb:mayhemb 230 49
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Merry Christmas To Everyone!
Well, it's that time of the year ago. A time where we celebrate what makes us happy around this time of year. A time where we push away the bad and celebrate what is good in everyone. Where old rivals, put away their differences and celebrate good will to all. I have a lot to be thankful for. I am grateful for all the friends I made this past year, and bond that I hold with many of my friends that i made in the past has grown stronger. I am wonderfully grateful to have so many caring friends and love one that I surround myself with.
I want to thank and wish a Merry Christmas to:
LizzietheRatcicle REXLegendArt Soulstealer-Twisty TheAugmentedScout artwork-tee Proj-FATAL ghostoftime1 Flippin-Fatbears Geoffman275 JCTheAllStar31 Private-Duke VictriaOfArgus TinaClementine RangerBizmuth OmegaSnakey Poool157 InterstellarLizard JackSkyInTheBox Lainty-Too aquatrollmoon TheYellowist EllieTsukino TIShadster Daitomodachi-Channel GaoGaiKingTheGreat and some many other people
:iconneon-the-imp:Neon-The-Imp 4 12
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

i love sonic more than anything else ( except my family). i draw , chat , and even sing about sonic. i have a sonic colors poster in my room, Almost all the sonic games. and voice act. :icondesueyeplz::icondesumouthplz::icondesueyeplz:

Favourite genre of music: pop
Favourite style of art: recoloring
MP3 player of choice: mp3 player
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the hedgehog

:iconpurple-mplz: :iconpink-yplz: :iconpurple-dplz: :iconpink-aplz: :iconpurple-fplz: :iconpink-aplz: :iconpurple-mplz: :iconpink-iplz: :iconpurple-lplz: :iconpink-yplz: ^^
Father: :iconmelonberry33:
Sisters: :iconbewarnedbitch: :iconwhisperinggalaxies: :icongloryhanaita: :icondatsonicnerd: :iconvenompie: :iconsamba-de-amigo-4456:
Cousin: :iconwardnah:
Older Brother(s): :iconzakanuva:
Younger Brother(s): :iconrenamonmega:
Pets: :iconsiheikfighter11: :iconxxcrystalluvsyouxx:
Team Mates:
Buddehs: :iconsamba-de-amigo-4456:
Daughters: :iconangelthehedgehog16:
Best Friends: :iconsonicthehedgie2342::iconmistereclipse::iconinferno111: :iconskyrimgamer17:

Back-up Account: :iconchibiblazethehedgie2: :iconmiichan2:
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Daniel, Katie and Salo- :iconinferno111:
Current designs of Katie and Salo- :iconskyrimgamer17:

So... Betrayal much. And I fucking hate making comics... got my fingers cramping and such.

Much to Daniels dismay, Blaze is, inevitably, under Eggman's control via choker. She reluctantly has to follow orders. And as protocol, needs to take Daniel in. She takes out a flare gun (Which by the way, I suck at drawing..) and orders her backup. Her Back up you may ask, is Daniel's "Deceased" Sisters, Katie and Salo. If I were to add Dialouge, it would be this:

Blazie: -After her tearing up from seeing you- I'm so Sorry, Daniel... But all Rebels.. Will be Assimilated.

-She fires off a flare gun, alerting her backup- I hope you'll have fun with my back-up crew. I'm sure you've met before.

-Started to walk away amist the menacing giggling of familiar voices.-

-You turn and stand in shock as the mind-fuck stands before you, given by your own "Wife".- 

Katie and Salo: -In Unison- Hello... Older Brother
You're alive
Daniel- :iconinferno111:
So... When your wife gets taken away for 6 months and you haven't found her til now. 

The awkwardness is real.

Jokes aside, In this universe, if I recall properly.... Inferno don't bonk me if I get it wrong, Blaze gets taken away for 6 months and it put under Eggman's control. Daniel, losing his wife, wanders around the desolate city, making himself is own path. 

Daniel sees a cloaked figure walking towards him. Catching his eye, he goes to snatch the hood off, thinking it was another enemy. Simultaneously, the cloaked figure snatched off his mask off and then... Both Husband and wife, staring at each other in shock. Daniel thought his wife was dead and vice-versa. Thus, started the awkward stand off.
Fusion Duo
Hyper Marco- :iconskyrimgamer17:

So I got bored... Made Marco and Enigma. Yeah, member that monstrosity? I remade the character. Have fun trying to figure out which way she's looking. 

Happy New Year.
Druid Ref: Grimella 'Grimmie' Levington
Guess who's been playing D&D?!

Halp... nah it's too fun to stop doing.

Grimella 'Grimmie' Levington is a Elf, Druidic girl.

She is 33 and in D&D times, is considered underage.

She goes to Garvindale Highschool in Garvdale City. Where all the magical bullshit happens.

Now, you might be wondering why is she considered 33 and underage? Glad you asked. A Druid is a "Teen" girl since being you are considered an adult at 60 years old. The Oldest most Elf/Druid Hybrids can get is around 900 years old.

A Cynical, Sarcastic person she is, she is prone to poke fun, insult and even provoke people. She can get easily frustrated and distracted at times. She is relatively smart and wise for a person like herself as she can be somewhat gullible to jokes, pranks and most social interactions. 

Her weapons is not only based off her powers of nature, but she wields a Scimitar and Sickle along with a thorn whip and many other weapons of that caliber

She can manipulate her enemies with her charm power, making her enemies fight their allies.

And she can heal and heighten certain stats with her Guidance for her allies.

Okay... so... Hmm I guess I should list them?


1: My First time cooking: It was my first time cooking. I was about 10, maybe 11 years old and I was going to make my first dish that wasn't egg related. I thought of Fish and Vegetables. Yummy right? Well... Not when you crack open a can of sardines and a can of sliced carrots and call it lunch. It gave me the worst Hershey Squirts ever..

  1. So, When you think of dessert, what comes to mind? Cakes, Cookies, Rice Pudding? ......I made rice pudding. My brother whom was.. 6-7 at the time was my "Cooking Assistant" I opened about three boxes of JELL-O Chocolate pudding mix and read the directions as followed. Then, I threw in about 4 1/3 cups of raw parboiled rice.... And made my brother eat it. You know you fucked up when your little brother eats it and is crunching with focus. My Mom got mad at me while I was dying laughing.

  2. Cheesesteaks are the best when they are cooked to perfection with the right cheeses and the right seasonings... Well, I had eaten half of my cheesesteak when I decided to save the rest for later. I wrapped it up with aluminum foil and sat it in the fridge. Later that day, I wanted the rest of my cheesesteak, but there were no paper plates and I was too lazy to wash the dishes.. What did I do? My Dumbass put the foil-wrapped cheesesteak in the microwave for 3 minutes.... 3 minutes too late for my to save the microwave as it caught fire from the foil... I forgot it said NEVER MICROWAVE METAL... Learned that lesson.

  3. So when you're making Muffins for breakfast, it's always important to make sure you have it on the right time and temperature.... I baked my muffins on 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes..... Fuck.

  4. When you want fried chicken, always remember to have the fire set to HIGH when heating your oil. After the first few pieces of chicken are fried, set to slightly lower. I made my chicken and it looked so pretty.. Like, someone spent hours making the perfect fried chicken. So, My family and I was eating until I and my brother bit into a piece of chicken to find Blood leaking out of the wing.. We ate out after that.

  5. This is the Ultimate fuck it moment: I was told by my dad to go make him some grits while he took a nap. At the time, I didn't know how to make grits. So, I boiled the water and poured the grits in. I thought grits were like Cream of Wheat, so I stirred it. My dad, becoming very impatient was rushing me and I was at my wits end, so I used a mixer to mix the grits. Just when shit hit the fan, I pour "Satan's Concoction" In a bowl and threw some Kraft singles in it.... Boy, Was he pissed!!

Welp, Those are my short stories on how I fucked up my cooking... Enjoy reading~!!


Wow... I just love this Entire picture itself. The Figure- I just love it! It shows He's ready for you to come straight at him! The Qui...



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